Automate payment events & reconciliation processes.

Give your customers multiple ways to pay you. Monitor and track all your payments and reconcile faster.
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Easy, faster, and error-free

Improve your revenue recognition

Quickly capture value by automatically matching incoming payments from customers with outstanding invoices across your ERP software.

Provide better experiences

Improve payment experiences for your customers.

We are enabling growth for modern businesses

With customer insights and payment behavioral patterns to uncover opportunities for engagement in real-time.

Monitor Customer Transactions

Get data-driven insights from your existing customers to better target leads, optimize your campaigns, and increase Ad efficiency.


Activate and drive customers toward a successful purchase with the right message and at the right time through personalized, multi-channel communication.


Keep your high-value customers engaged consistently and reactivate customers with high-churn risk or churned by creating personalized offers for them.

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