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Bunce helps you maximize value at every stage of your customer payment life cycle. From acquisition to cross-sell to retention.
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What Bunce gives you

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost by detecting support issues early and proactively addressing them.

Increase Demand

Use personalized offers and experiences to increase customer loyalty and demand.

Retain More Customers

Identify churn-risk customers, and engage proactively.

Drive Revenue Growth

Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and offer additional products to customers.

How it works

Integrate your payment & customer data source

Connect your payment providers, accounting software, and customer data with Bunce

Track the right revenue and customer insight on the go

Auto-generate actionable customer and revenue insights that enable growth

Segment customers based on payment behaviors, events, and billing data

Automatically segment customers into clusters based on customer-specific payment data

Engage customers, anytime, anywhere

Deliver personalized, omnichannel campaigns tailored to segments to maximize value.

Automate all payment processes

Reduce manual payment processing and automate the entire payment lifecycle from initiation to reconciliation.

Start growing your revenue


Track the right revenue, and customer metrics, identify changes in customer payment behaviors across payment channels and why they occur.


Empower your teams with actionable insight through better customer segmentation. Go from hypothesis-driven macro-segments to data-driven micro-segments.


Deliver messages to customers that are audience, time, channel and behaviour specific to drive customer conversion, retention and loyalty.


Reduce manual processes across multiple teams within your organisation with real-time payment automations.

From random to personalization

Engage your customers based on customer behavior patterns and preferences not by hypotheses.

Bunce for
Engineering Teams

Identify patterns and insights that can drive innovation and increase customer satisfaction.

Bunce for
Sales Teams

Increase revenue and customer lifetime value by identifying cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Bunce for
Marketing Teams

Expand your customer base and increase revenue by Identifying new customer segments.

Online Payments

Connect your online payment data source to Bunce and get answers to all your payment and revenue questions that power growth.
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Offline Payments

Connect seamlessly with your POS, collect customer data, maximize value with personalized offers and experiences to increase customer loyalty and demand.
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Connect your favourite tools in seconds

Bunce integrates seamlessly with systems that power every aspect of your business.








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